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 Sailors register for Island Sail at 9 AM Monday of the week they intend to sail.  We need medical and liability forms signed by legal parent or guardians only.  These forms can be downloaded on this site and emailed (kgatesvmd@aol.com), faxed (215-736-0946) or texted (215-736-3451) if the parent is not on Vinalhaven.
In the past we have had on line registration, however with increasing numbers we are discontinuing this policy so that we can insure that we limit each week to 40 sailors.
Sailors who are new to us need to take a swim test Monday (with life jacket on).  This is really more of a cold water tolerance test.
Plan on arriving Monday with a class III PFD (jacket style life vest) of a suitable size for the sailor.  We have a few extras to lend but numbers are limited. Please also bring sunscreen and perhaps a towel and dry clothes.  We ask that no electronic devices or valuables be brought to the boathouse as it is not locked when we sail and electronics are a distraction.
We look forward to seeing you!