About Island Sail

Why you should be an ISLAND SAIL sailor!
You will learn about:
Knot tying and seamanship and nautical terminology

Parts of our various boats
Care of boats and equipment
Rigging and De-rigging

Points of sail

Right of way skills when on the water
Personal and boating safety
Wind, weather and tide awareness

Basic sailing skills like steering, tacking and jibing

Capsize and Overboard Recovery
Sailing team roles and tasks
See wildlife and learn about our fragile island ecosystems
Sail to other nearby islands
How to sail a racecourse and racing rules

Race in our regatta and against neighboring island teams

In 1984, Thomas Godfrey founded ARC Sail — Vinalhaven’s non-profit youth sailing school. His mission was to build an instructional program for the vacationing and local community’s children, supported entirely by volunteer efforts.

The Island Sail curriculum helps young sailors develop safe sailing skills. Instructors deliver brief classroom sessions, perform demonstrations, and supervise on water practice sessions. Sailing is a team sport. Whether just for fun or serious racing, working well together is the key to sucess. We recognize and reward collaboration, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship in the classroom and on the water.

Our fleet, docks, and boathouse require regular maintenance. Sailors are responsible for keeping the facility in ship-shape condition. Vinalhaven is a working waterfront that welcomes a variety of recreational users in the summer.
As part of that community, we instill in our sailors a respect and appreciation for all users. We operate out of the historic Skoog Boat House at the Vinalhaven Land Trust - Skoog Park, on the Sands Cove Road.

Our Fleet consist of:
• 5 Optimists
• 5 420’s
• 2 Lasers

• 1 JY
• 3 Safety Launches

• 1 Walker Bay

Program Our staff is made up of trained professionals, many of whom learned to sail right here at Island Sail. Instructors
are US SAILING certified and hold certificates in CPR and First Aid. Sailing exercises/ drills are supervised from our
safety launches. Helmsman/ Skipper-level sailors accompany first-time sailors at all times.

We like to live by the motto of 
"Safety, Fun, Sailing" & in that order too! 
So come join in on the fun and sign up today!