Welcome to Island Sail on Vinalhaven, Maine!

The 2023 Island Sail season is already in the planning stages! Please stay tuned for online registration opening June 1st 2023.

Island Sail is a summer time sailing program on the island of Vinalhaven in Penobscot Bay, Maine, USA. It is a great place to come make new friends, learn how to sail, really get out on the water!

Our sailing program is split up into a morning class for beginners and an afternoon class for more advanced sailors.

We begin our sailing programs after the Fourth of July and run through mid August, when our instructors head back to school.

Ages 7+ are welcome at Island Sail. We also offer 2 hour private lessons for adults who are interested in learning more about sailing. All sailors will learn basic skills such as knot tying, the parts of our various boats, and right of way when on the water.

Island Sail instructors are US Sailing and CPR & First Aid Certified. We also keep a 1 to 5 ratio of instructors to sailors at all times.

We like to live by the motto of "Safety, Fun, Sailing" and in that order too!

So come join in on the fun!

NEW 2022-23 ISLAND SAIL T-Shirts and Hats at the Vinalhaven Flea Market on Saturdays !